Trading fees for DGTA token Non-Holders

For those who don't have at least 50 DGTA tokens in their wallet, a fee is charged for each trade. offers zero trading fees for all customers who have a minimum of 50 DGTA tokens available in their wallet on the platform. Tokens in open orders do not count. In this case, if you don't sell the 50 DGTAs you received when you opened your account, zero fees on all trades are guaranteed. If you've sold all your DGTA tokens and want to regain the zero fee status, you need to make a purchase of at least 50 DGTA tokens.

How does the trading fee work for those who don't have the minimum DGTA balance in their wallet?

For those who don't have at least 50 DGTA tokens in their wallet, a fee will be charged on each buy or sell transaction conducted on the platform. This fee is 0.1% of the traded value and will be charged in the currency credited to your account. Example: If you have a balance of $10 and use it to buy Bitcoin, the 0.1% fee will be charged on the Bitcoin credit. Once the purchase is completed, your Bitcoin balance will already be in your wallet with the deducted fee amount.

Consider this example: If you want to sell your Bitcoins in the BTC/USD pair, the fee amount will be charged in dollars. If the transaction is $10, as in the previous example, your USD credited balance will be $9.99 when the transaction is completed, as the fee calculation will be as follows: $10 - (0.1/100 * $10).

Cryptocurrency withdrawal fees

Unlike trading fees, cryptocurrency withdrawal fees are not dependent on your DGTA balance; they will always be charged when you want to withdraw a cryptocurrency from, whether for transferring to another exchange or a crypto wallet. There are two fees involved in this transaction: the network fee (gas fee) and the service fee.

Network Fees: The network fee amount follows the rules of each network, meaning it is not set by It is recommended that you research the current withdrawal fee in the network you intend to use. These fees must be paid to ensure the transaction is completed.

Service Fee: At the time of withdrawal request, a 20% fee will be charged on the network fee amount, meaning the total fee also depends on the network you choose for withdrawal.

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