What is the price of DGTA, the native token of digitra.com?

Find out the price of the DGTA token and how to buy it on Digitra.com. Discover the benefits of DGTA, such as zero fees and rewards for trading. Stay updated on price fluctuations and gain insights into the cryptocurrency market.
What is the price of DGTA, the native token of digitra.com?

What is DGTA token?

DGTA is a utility token that offers a range of benefits to its holders. To create incentives and add liquidity to the platform, the global exchange digitra.com launched it. DGTA holders enjoy zero trading fees on digitra.com, and in the future, they will have benefits such as discounts on staking and derivative services, as well as assurance in derivative trading. But above all, DGTA is the reward currency of the Trade to Earn program, a new exchange model launched by digitra.com, where customers are paid to trade instead of being charged.

DGTA token utilities

One of the main features of this new cryptocurrency is offering zero fees to digitra.com customers on all currency pairs in the spot market. Anyone who holds at least 50 DGTA tokens in their exchange wallet guarantees zero fees. As a new project, digitra.com offers DGTA Airdrops to new customers. Today, as soon as customers open their accounts and complete the KYC process, they receive 50 DGTA for free, ensuring the minimum amount for zero fees.

According to the project's whitepaper, as the exchange reaches certain milestones, the number of Airdrops for new customers decreases.

In addition to the zero fees, DGTA fuels digitra.com's Trade to Earn initiative, which pays customers for each trade conducted on the platform. Daily, 15,000 DGTA tokens are distributed among customers who traded that day, with 25% of this amount distributed equally among all active customers and the remaining 75% distributed proportionally to the trading volume.

In addition to these benefits, digitra.com states that DGTA will also provide discounts on future exchange products, such as derivative discounts, staking, futures markets, and collateral.

What is the price of DGTA?

Just like other cryptocurrencies, the market determines the price of the DGTA token. The forces of supply and demand govern the market, which means that the price of DGTA is variable and subject to change at any time.

However, due to its nature as an exchange token, native to a specific exchange, it is common for this type of cryptocurrency to follow the growth of the exchange platform itself. Nevertheless, it is impossible to predict the price behavior of DGTA. To better understand how the crypto market works in this regard, read this article!

How do I buy the DGTA token?

You can buy DGTA using the digitra.com exchange. Currently, it is the only platform in the market that lists the token, but digitra.com states that it will soon be available on other exchanges, including centralized and decentralized ones.

To trade DGTA on digitra.com, start by opening an account and verifying it if you are not already a customer of the platform. Then, make a deposit in fiat currency or use a dollar-pegged stablecoin to initiate the trading. Once you have a deposit balance available, access the trading section. Select the desired trading pair (USD | DGTA or REAL | DGTA), choose the type of buy/sell order (Market or Limit), and if it's a limit order, set the token value. Then, define the quantity to be traded, review all the information, and finalize the transaction.

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