Crypto Dividends

Earn passive income with crypto!

Crypto Dividends are a form of passive income paid monthly to clients who maintain balance in the exchange's wallet, including cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Essentially, the exchange rewards its clients for custodying their assets on the platform, rather than transferring cryptocurrencies to physical or digital wallets. pays out Dividends using 10% of the earnings collected from fees paid by clients themselves when trading on the platform. In summary, clients pay a fee (0.1% for makers and 0.5% for takers) when conducting cryptocurrency transactions on, and 10% of that fee revenue is returned to clients in the form of dividends, distributed monthly.

FAQ - Questions and Answers

How do I earn dividends?

Simply have a balance on You will receive dividends considering your total crypto and fiat currency balance, including currencies available in the wallet and currencies allocated in open transaction orders.

If I have a balance allocated in open orders, will I receive dividends?

Yes. You receive dividends for the balance available in the wallet + balance allocated in open orders.

What amount do I receive in dividends?

You receive dividends proportionally to the amount of cryptocurrencies you hold in total balance; so the more coins you have here, the higher your income will be. The balance in your account on the last day of the month prior to payment will be taken into account. At the same time, the value depends on the volume of fees collected in transactions of that currency(s). In other words, the dividend amount you receive is variable considering your balance volume and the fees collected on

When do I receive dividends?

Every 4th of each month will take the 10% collected in trading fees and distribute it among clients who hold crypto on the platform. The exact day is not disclosed to avoid market manipulation.

How are dividends paid out?

You receive dividends in the cryptocurrencies held in your account. Therefore, if you hold Bitcoin and Ethereum, you will receive a dividend income in Bitcoin and a dividend income in Ethereum. At the same time, the amount paid will be based on the fees collected from trades of that specific currency. For example, if you have a Bitcoin balance, you will receive dividends based on the fees collected from Bitcoin trades.

When the distribution occurs, the received amounts will be in your wallet's history, divided among the cryptocurrencies you hold. See the example below:

crypto dividens statement.png

Refer to anyone using your unique code or link! The more people trade on the platform, the higher the dividend value distributed.