Is Digitra.com Reliable? Understand Its Origins and Unique Features!

Digitra.com is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2022, along with its own token, DGTA. It offers rewards for trading, among other programs.
Is Digitra.com Reliable? Understand Its Origins and Unique Features!

Digitra.com is a digital asset startup launched in 2021, initially offering an Over-the-Counter (Private & OTC) cryptocurrency market for high-volume transactions. In 2022, the company introduced its retail crypto trading platform, the Digitra.com exchange. Alongside the exchange, the DGTA token, a utility token central to Digitra.com's initiatives like Trade to Earn, which rewards users for every trade, was also launched.

In this post, you will learn about the history of Digitra.com and understand what makes it a reliable platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and DGTA itself. We will explore who is behind the project, which brands have joined, and what it can offer you.

Who Founded Digitra.com?


Digitra.com was founded by entrepreneur Rodrigo Batista, one of the pioneers in the Brazilian crypto market, starting back in 2011. He is the founder and former CEO of the Brazilian exchange Mercado Bitcoin.

To create a global exchange like Digitra.com, Rodrigo sought global partners and brought NASDAQ technology into the digital asset market. Digitra.com became the first exchange in the world to use Nasdaq technology for its trading operations. This achievement was made possible by Rodrigo's history and influence, combined with a disruptive proposal.

Also involved with Digitra.com is businessman Ricardo Villela, one of the major shareholders of Itaú Bank.

Can I Trust Digitra.com?

Security is one of Digitra.com's key differentiators. The company offers custody and insurance of assets through Fireblocks, a global leader in digital asset protection. This allows Digitra.com clients to trade their cryptocurrencies with peace of mind, knowing their investments are secure.

Additionally, corporate governance is a guiding principle for the company's business model. With a global presence, Digitra.com operates in compliance with established national and regional regulations for the digital asset market.

Endeavor Brazil's Scale Up 2023


Digitra.com was selected to participate in Endeavor Brazil's Scale Up 2023 program, which aims to accelerate the growth of high-impact potential companies. Out of 5,000 candidates, the startup was among the 59 companies chosen.

Benefits of Being a Digitra.com Client

In addition to enhanced security, Digitra.com clients enjoy exclusive benefits. Here are the main ones:

Earn DGTA Tokens When Opening an Account

When you open and verify your account on Digitra.com, you receive free $DGTA tokens. The amount awarded decreases as the number of clients increases, giving an advantage to early adopters. Learn more!

Trade to Earn

Every day, 15,000 DGTA tokens are distributed among clients who trade on the platform that day. Part of this amount is equally divided among all clients, while the other part is proportional to the traded volume. This way, everyone wins. Learn more!

Crypto Dividends

Crypto Dividends involve Digitra.com remunerating all clients who use the platform to store their digital assets with a portion of its revenue from fees. The more clients trade on Digitra.com, generating more fees, the higher the dividends paid.

These amounts are paid monthly in the cryptocurrency the client holds in their balance. For instance, if you have Bitcoin in your Digitra.com wallet, you will receive dividends in Bitcoin every month, derived from Bitcoin trading fees on the platform.

The value distribution is proportional to the volume of cryptocurrencies held in the wallet—the more cryptos you have, the higher the dividend payment.

Learn more details about Crypto Dividends!

Referral Program

Digitra.com's Referral Program pays you in tokens whenever someone opens an account on our platform based on your recommendation. That person also receives a token reward for opening an account with your referral.

This is a way for you to expand your connections, earn daily rewards, and share your favorite exchange.

Learn the rules of the Program!

Liquidity Provider

At Digitra.com, each Market Maker's buy and sell order of cryptocurrencies generates rewards for liquidity providers. Whether you're an experienced investor or just starting in the crypto world, our Liquidity Provider program can be a great opportunity to earn passive income.

Market Makers place orders in the order book and help create liquidity. They are known as Liquidity Providers and earn rewards from the trading fees collected by Digitra.com.

You can also become a liquidity provider and earn daily income by placing trading limit orders on the platform. Market orders do not qualify as they are considered market taker orders.

Learn more about the Liquidity Provider program!

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