Standard Account

Create your Standard Account right now to start trading cryptocurrencies and get 50 free DGTA tokens!

Standard Account: Quick. Easy. Secure.

The Standard Account is the new registration option on and acts as a middle ground between the Simple Account and the Verified Account. The verification process is straightforward, only requiring you to enter your personal information and take a selfie, without the need for document verification (KYC).

50 free DGTA tokens

When you open a Standard Account, you'll receive 50 DGTA tokens as a bonus, which used to be limited to Verified Accounts.

$100 limit

However, the Standard Account has a deposit limit in the wallet of up to $100. It works like this: all currencies, including cryptocurrencies and the Brazilian Real (R$), will be converted into dollars at the time of deposit. When the sum of your deposits reaches $100, it means you have reached the limit.

Reaching the limit

If you exceed the $100 limit in deposits, the system will prevent you from making further transactions, including withdrawals, trading, and new deposits. As a result, the app will prompt you to complete full verification (KYC), including document verification. With a Verified Account, you will have unlimited access to all operations.

If your verification is denied, simply contact in-app support to resolve the issue.

It's important to note that the registration process is designed to meet our commitments to compliance, transparency, and regulation, while also ensuring the security of our customers and the efficient and safe use of the platform.