Fees, limits and crypto withdrawal speed

Basic rules for crypto transfers.

Be aware of this rules before transfer from a's wallet.

Withdrawal Fees

The withdrawal fees are incurred when you wish to withdraw a cryptocurrency from, whether transferring to another exchange or a crypto wallet.

How does it work?

The withdrawal fee comprises the blockchain network fee and operational service fees. The network fee varies depending on the blockchain used for the transfer. The service fee amounts to 20% of the network fee, meaning the total fee also depends on the network you choose for withdrawal.

Important: The minimum withdrawal fee for all coins is $1. See the examples below:


CryptocurrencyNetwork FeeTotal Fee
Ethereum (ETH) - ERC-20 Network0.003253 ETH (approximately $7)Total Fee: $8.4 (including 20% service fee)
MATIC on Polygon Network0.567774 MATIC (approximately $0.50)Total Fee: $1 (meeting the minimum withdrawal fee)

Minimum withdrawal amount | 24h:

Each withdrawal must have a minimum of 10 dollars ($10,00) amount; And a maximum limit amount equivalent to 100 thousand dollars ($100,000) per month.

Arrival time:

The estimated time for every withdrawal, regardless of the crypto, it's of 5 minutes. But keep it in mind that we do not have control over the network speed between addresses.