Is Digitra.com trustworthy? Discover its history and special traits!

Digitra.com is a cryptocurrency exchange that launched its trading app in 2022 and has its own token, $DGTA. It offers zero fees on all pairs and rewards for trading.
Is Digitra.com trustworthy? Discover its history and special traits!

Digitra.com is a crypto startup that launched in 2021 with its first product being an over-the-counter cryptocurrency marketplace focused on high volume transactions – Private & OTC. In 2022, the company launched its cryptocurrency trading platform, Digitra.com exchange, along with the $DGTA token, a utility token that is at the center of the company's initiatives, such as Trade to Earn, which rewards users for every trade.

Before taking advantage of these benefits, it's important to understand if Digitra.com is reliable. In this post, we'll explore who is behind Digitra.com, which brands have joined the project, and what the company can offer you.

Who founded Digitra.com?


Digitra.com was founded by entrepreneur Rodrigo Batista, who has been in the crypto market since 2011. He is the founder and former CEO of Mercado Bitcoin, currently the largest Brazilian exchange.

To create a global exchange, Rodrigo sought out global partners and brought NASDAQ to the digital asset market. This made Digitra.com the world's first exchange to use Nasdaq technology in trading. This was made possible thanks to the founder's history and influence, combined with a disruptive proposal.

Another person involved in Digitra.com is entrepreneur Ricardo Villela, one of the largest shareholders of Itaú bank.

Can I trust Digitra.com?

Security is one of the main advantages of Digitra.com. The company offers custody and asset insurance through Fireblocks, a global reference in digital asset protection. This way, Digitra.com customers can trade their cryptocurrencies with peace of mind, knowing their investments are protected.

In addition, corporate governance is one of the themes that guide the company's business model. With a global presence, Digitra.com operates within national and regional regulations already established for the digital asset market.

Endeavor Brasil's Scale Up 2023 program


Digitra.com was selected to participate in Endeavor Brasil's Scale Up 2023 program, which aims to accelerate the growth of companies with high impact potential. Out of 5,000 candidates, the startup was among the 59 selected companies.

Why you should use Digitra.com

In addition to feeling more secure, Digitra.com customers also have access to exclusive benefits. Here are the main ones:

Rewards for Verified Account

Clients who open an account and go through the KYC process receive 50 $DGTA tokens as a reward. This amount decreases as the number of clients increases, which is an advantage for those joining the project now.

Trade to Earn

Every day, 15,000 $DGTA tokens are distributed among the clients who trade on the platform that day. Part of this number is divided equally among all clients, while the other part is proportional to the trading volume. This way, all clients win.

Other informations

Read the whitepaper of $DGTA token here and see more details on how the token leverages Digitra.com. Its listing happens in May.

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