Referral Program

Refer using your code and earn DGTA tokens in return!

What if you could earn cryptocurrencies for recommending to others? With our Referral Program, it's possible. Simply invite friends, family, followers, or anyone you wish to open an account on the platform using your referral code.

How many DGTAs can you earn?

The referrer receives 100 DGTA tokens, and the referred person receives 50 DGTA.

Rules for earning:

  1. The person you are referring must use your code during the account opening process. If they create an account without using your code, the process cannot be undone.
  2. The referred person needs to open an account, verify the Standard Account on the platform, and complete $5 in trades. This volume can be achieved in various ways, such as buying the equivalent of $5 in any currency or buying and selling 10 times the volume of $0.50 in each trade, for example. The important thing is that the total transaction volume (including buying and selling of assets) adds up to $5. It is not necessary to deposit this amount on the platform.

How does it work?

1.Every user at has a referral code, which can be found on the Referrals screen.

Referral program code

  1. When inviting someone to join, copy your code and send it to them.

Referral program copied code

3.The referred person should use the code you provided when creating the account. Simply paste the code into the Referral Program field.

Referral program pasted code

  1. Once your referred person opens an account, completes the Standard Account verification, and reaches the $5 trading volume, you will receive your 100 DGTA, and they will receive 50 DGTA within a few minutes. These balances will be visible in the Account Statement history.

Frame 2.png

  1. On the Referrals screen, you can track how much you've accumulated by referring people to


Please note!

  • There is no option to input the code AFTER the account creation. Ensure that your referrals use your code during the initial account opening.
  • Both you and your referred person become eligible for the referral reward only when the minimum $5 traded volume is reached.
  • The mentioned values do not apply to partnerships with exclusive promotional codes, as retains the right to define these values and the duration of the Referral Program.

Start now to accumulate even more DGTA tokens by referring your friends, family, and followers to join

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