Crypto Dividends: Earn Passive Income with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Learn how to earn monthly passive income on digitra.com!
Crypto Dividends: Earn Passive Income with Bitcoin and  other cryptocurrencies

nvesting in cryptocurrency is a choice for many seeking high returns. However, similar to the stock market, cryptocurrencies are exposed to high volatility, given their speculative nature.

In this context, the value of a crypto can rise exponentially or fall sharply. That's why those investing in this type of asset need to be comfortable with the ups and downs.

But what if there was a way to secure some income with cryptocurrencies, just like with fiat currencies earning interest in a bank? Is there a way to earn rewards independent of price fluctuations?

We have great news for you: this alternative has arrived in the market, introduced by digitra.com, and it's called Crypto Dividends. We brought a mix of traditional and digital asset markets. Let's delve into this proposal:

What are Crypto Dividends?

Crypto Dividends is the latest product launched by digitra.com, rewarding clients for keeping cryptocurrencies in the exchange's wallet by paying monthly dividends. Digitra.com will use a slice of the trading fees generated on the platform to distribute them among clients holding cryptocurrencies in its wallet. This means that a part of the trading fees will be returned to clients in the form of dividends.

These values will be paid in the cryptocurrency the client holds. For example, if you have Bitcoin in your digitra.com wallet, you will receive dividends every month in Bitcoin, derived from the fees paid on Bitcoin trades conducted on the platform.

The distribution of values will be proportional to the volume of cryptocurrencies the user holds in their wallet. In other words, the more cryptos you have there, the higher the dividend payment.

Before diving into more details, let's understand some basic concepts!

What are Dividends?

Dividends are a type of profit distribution that businesses give to their shareholders as a reward for their investment. These payments are usually made in cash and represent a portion of the company's earnings. In this situation, the board of directors of the company makes decisions about dividend values while taking into account things like financial performance, strategic objectives, and reinvestment requirements. Shareholders, upon receiving their dividends, can choose to reinvest that amount in the company by buying more shares or use the money as per their financial needs.

This practice is a way of rewarding investors for their trust in the company and the risk taken by investing in its stocks.

With Crypto Dividends, digitra.com has brought this concept to the cryptocurrency market, maintaining the same goal of rewarding trust, but instead of shareholders, we are talking about clients.

Is it safe to leave crypto on digitra.com?

Digira.com understands that holding your cryptos in custody with the exchange is a relationship of trust that is highly valued and respected by the company. An example of this is the fact that it offers secure custody with Fireblocks, a global reference in crypto asset custody, meaning that clients' cryptocurrency access keys are not under the care of the digitra.com team. Nubank also uses this security strategy!

In addition to robust security technologies, digitra.com also complies with compliance processes, transparency, and regulation to maintain the safety of its clients and the efficient use of the platform.

During the registration process, digitra.com requires the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to unlock the full use of the platform. KYC is a series of processes conducted by institutions in digital registers, mainly financial ones, to literally get to know their customers.

The main goal of KYC is to combat illicit activities, such as money laundering, terrorism, identity fraud, corruption, and other finance-related threats. It also assists in personalized customer service since the institution can customize the service, offering the most suitable services and predicting risks.

Another important point to note is the complexity and risk of the client performing custody of their assets. Many investors and crypto holders prefer to keep custody of their cryptocurrencies under their care, transferring them to cold or hot wallets. This is a valid security strategy, but more suitable for those with technical knowledge of blockchain and who are willing to take all necessary precautions. If you choose custody, you need to be aware that access keys to cryptocurrencies are under your responsibility. If you lose these keys, you will also lose your assets.

If you want to know more about digitra.com history and the team behind it, check out this article!

Now that you've gotten to know us a little more, let's dive into more details about Crypto Dividends:

How do Crypto Dividends work?

Crypto Dividends involve digitra.com compensating all clients who use the platform to store their digital currencies with a portion of its revenue from fees. In practice, the more clients trade on digitra.com, the more clients will receive.

Once a month, a portion of the income collected from fees paid by those trading cryptocurrencies on the platform will be distributed among clients who hold some cryptos in the digitra.com wallet. Thus, the exchange encourages trading and the deposit of digital assets because the more fees are collected, the greater the distributed value will be. At the same time, the distribution will consider the volume held in the wallet, so the more cryptos you have on digitra.com, the larger your share in the division.

What does this mean for you?

If you already invest in cryptocurrencies, think about the assets in other brokers or wallets that are exposed only to market volatility. If you leave these assets on digitra.com, you ensure monthly returns with Crypto Dividends, without having to do anything.

Are Crypto Dividends staking?

No, Crypto Dividends are not staking because there is no need to lock your cryptocurrencies on the blockchain to generate income; you can still move them in the digitra.com wallet. Additionally, staking exists only for some coins, with few protocols offering this function. Cryptos like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, for example, do not offer staking, but you can earn dividends with them on digitra.com.

Another point to note is that the flexible staking format of some exchanges reduces the value of earnings if you don't lock the cryptos. With Crypto Dividends, the amount you receive can be increased by the volume of crypto held in the wallet, but without them being locked.

In practice, Crypto Dividends offer a much simpler and broader option for generating passive income with cryptocurrencies.

Here you can find a text explaining more about staking!

How to earn Crypto Dividends on digitra.com?

To earn Crypto Dividends, simply have an account on digitra.com and transfer your cryptos to the exchange's wallet. You can also buy cryptocurrencies. If you don't have an account on digitra.com yet, start by downloading the application.

  • Then, start by entering your email and setting a password.
  • To confirm, use the code you received by email.
  • Your simple account has been created. Now, go through the account verification process, filling in your details and taking a selfie at the end. It takes less than 2 minutes.
  • Done. Your account has been verified, and you can start using digitra.com. Go to deposit to transfer cryptocurrencies.
  • Moreover, you received 10 DGTA tokens, a benefit for new clients.

Afterward, just keep your coins in the wallet and receive your dividends every month. You will receive a notification in the wallet with the credited balance.

Also, take advantage of Trade to Earn!

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