How to accumulate DGTA Token on Digitra.com?

DGTA is Digitra.com's native token. You can accumulate more DGTA tokens by taking advantage of some of the platforms initiatives.
How to accumulate DGTA Token on Digitra.com?

Digitra.com is a new global cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of trading opportunities. The exchange's native token, DGTA, has been gaining popularity among the community and clients, due to the initiatives it brings. In this post, we will explore how to accumulate DGTA tokens and with Digitra.com.

What is DGTA Token?

DGTA is the native token ERC-20 of the Digitra.com exchange, allocated on the Ethereum blockchain, and designed to facilitate various functions within the ecosystem. The token has a limited total supply of 300 million units minted at once. Learn more about DGTA tokenomics in this post!

How to Accumulate DGTA Token?

You can accumulate more DGTA tokens by taking advantage of some Digitra.com initiatives, such as the DGTA AirDrop, Trade to Earn, Crypto Dividends, Referral Program, Liquidity Provider and community events. Understand each one:

Airdrop for New Digitra.com Clients

Digitra.com offers an Airdrop program for new clients who register on the platform. Every user that opens and verifies an account on the Digitra.com platform can earn up to 2,400 $DGTA tokens for free. Learn more!

Trade to Earn

Another way to accumulate DGTA tokens on Digitra.com is by trading. The exchange pays clients to use the exchange, so each trade generates a DGTA rewards. Every day, Digitra.om distributes 15,000 DGTA tokens to those who bought or sold any crypto on the platform. You win based on the volume you traded that day, which will be allocated proportionally to the total volume operated that day and your participation in it. And you also win if you make at least one trade, regardless of how much that means.

25% of those tokens will be distributed equally among those who traded that day.
The other 75% of those tokens will be distributed based on the volume of trade on that day. Therefore, the more clients trade, the more they can earn.

Learn more!(https://digitra.com/en/article/trade-to-earn-earn-DGTA-for-every-trade/)

Crypto Dividends

Crypto Dividends involve Digitra.com remunerating all clients who use the platform to store their digital assets with a portion of its revenue from fees. The more clients trade on Digitra.com, generating more fees, the higher the dividends paid.

These amounts are paid monthly in the cryptocurrency the client holds in their balance. For instance, if you have Bitcoin in your Digitra.com wallet, you will receive dividends in Bitcoin every month, derived from Bitcoin trading fees on the platform.

The value distribution is proportional to the volume of cryptocurrencies held in the wallet—the more cryptos you have, the higher the dividend payment.

Learn more details about Crypto Dividends!

Referral Program

You can earn DGTA by simply inviting friends, family, followers, or anyone you wish to open an account on the platform using your referral code or link. Every day, we distribute DGTA token for referees and referrals. Check here how many DGTAs you can get!

Check the rules:

  1. The person you are referring must use your code during the account opening process. If they create an account without using your code, the process cannot be undone.
  2. The referred person needs to open an account, verify the Standard Account on the platform, and complete $5 in trades. This volume can be achieved in various ways, such as buying the equivalent of $5 in any currency or buying and selling 10 times the volume of $0.50 in each trade, for example. The important thing is that the total transaction volume (including buying and selling of assets) adds up to $5. It is not necessary to deposit this amount on the platform.

Liquidity Provider

At Digitra.com, each Market Maker's buy and sell order of cryptocurrencies generates rewards for liquidity providers. Whether you're an experienced investor or just starting in the crypto world, our Liquidity Provider program can be a great opportunity to earn passive income.

Market Makers place orders in the order book and help create liquidity. They are known as Liquidity Providers and earn rewards from the trading fees collected by Digitra.com.

You can also become a liquidity provider and earn daily income by placing trading limit orders on the platform. Market orders do not qualify as they are considered market taker orders.

Learn more about the Liquidity Provider program!

Giveaways and Contests of Digitra.com Community

Digitra.com also frequently hosts various giveaways and contests for its community members. These competitions provide an opportunity for users to earn DGTA tokens by participating in specific tasks or achieving specific goals. The exchange typically rewards the winners of these competitions with DGTA tokens or other crypto assets. You can join Digitra.com on Telegram!

When and where will DGTA be listed?

DGTA tokens were listed on May, 2023. The token will be available for trade on Digitra.com and Uniswap pool. Click here to check the official Smart Contract!

Accumulating DGTA tokens on Digitra.com is an excellent opportunity for investors who believe in the platform's vision and future potential. With the methods mentioned above, it is possible to keep accumulating DGTA tokens. So, if you haven't already, consider signing up and taking advantage of the opportunities that Digitra.com and the DGTA token have to offer. Click here to download the app!