What is Digitra.com’s DGTA token?

DGTA is Digitra.com’s native utility token at the core of the Trade to Earn and Zero Commission Fees initiative.
What is Digitra.com’s DGTA token?

DGTA is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain, with a maximum supply of 300 million units minted at once. DGTA is at the core of Digitra.com's business model in two ways:

  1. Zero Fee initiative: all clients holding a certain amount of DGTA in their wallets on app will not pay spot trading fees;

  2. Trade to Earn initiative: Digitra.com will pay all clients trading in the platform with DGTA tokens, every day for the next five years.

The more clients trade, the more they can earn. Additionally, DGTA holders will benefit from discounts on the derivatives & futures trading and staking services fees in the future. Digitra.com will also accept DGTA as part of collaterals in the derivative & futures markets.

DGTA distribution details available on the Whitepaper

As an incentive to new clients, Digitra.com offers a certain amount of DGTA tokens to all new users upon completion of their KYC process until the platform reaches 100,000,000 verified clients. As the total number of clients reaches certain milestones, the amount to be received by new clients will decrease.

DGTA tokens allocation will occur as follows:

  1. New Clients incentive

  2. Trade to Earn initiative

  3. Marketing & liquidity

  4. Team incentives

  5. Ecosystem growth, and

  6. Long-term reserve purposes.

DGTA token allocation details available on the Whitepaper

What is Digitra.com’s Zero Fee initiative?

Price competition led stockbrokerage firms in the US to drastically reduce trading fees, with Robinhood trading platform not charging fees at all, for example. Digitra.com believes that the same will occur to the crypto industry, and decided to move first. Under Digitira.com’s Zero Fee initiative, all clients holding a certain amount of DGTA tokens will not pay spot trading fees for any cryptocurrency traded. Therefore, Digitra.com is the first global exchange that charges zero fees for trading in the spot market of the platform, for DGTA holders.

Usually, a traditional market exchange or even a crypto exchange creates liquidity by hiring investors called market makers who are paid for creating artificial liquidity in the order books. Since each order individually helps to build the liquidity, Digitra.com decided not to charge for the liquidity provided, but to pay every user who trades on the platform with DGTA tokens. It is the “uberization of market making”.

What is the Trade to Earn initiative?

Based on the idea of paying for the liquidity provided by clients, Digitra.com created the Trade to Earn initiative, in which 15,000 DGTA tokens will be distributed every day, for five years, for all clients trading at the platform. 25% of those tokens will be distributed equally among those who traded on that day. However, 75% of those tokens will be distributed based on the volume of trade on that day. Therefore, the more clients trade, the more they can earn. Moreover, there will be no lock-up periods for the tokens earned under this initiative.

DGTA token burning policy

Digitra.com intends to burn up to 50% of the maximum supply of DGTA issued, with the amounts determined based on the platform's commitment to maintaining a stable marketplace for DGTA holders.

Under Digitra.com’s burning policy, there are two types of burns: Calendar Burn and Celebration Burn. The Calendar Burn takes place every quarter and is based on the number of new verified accounts since the previous burn, as well as the tokens’ liquidity for a five-year period at least. Meanwhile, the Celebration Burn occurs when Digitra.com achieves certain milestones, with increasing amounts of DGTA tokens burnt at each milestone. These milestones are set at 1,000; 10,000; 100,000; 1,000,000; 10,000,000; and 100,000,000 clients.

Download Digitra.com app to trade crypto without fees and earn DGTA tokens as a reward for each transaction.