DGTA Token: What Is It and How Is It Distributed?

DGTA is Digitra.com’s native token at the core of the Trade to Earn initiative and others. Learn more!
DGTA Token: What Is It and How Is It Distributed?

DGTA is a utility token created by the cryptocurrency exchange Digitra.com to benefit its clients and provide liquidity on the platform. The token is distributed as a reward through Digitra.com’s Trade to Earn program, where clients are paid to trade instead of being charged. Additionally, it is also distributed as a reward to users who refer the exchange through the Referral Program.

What is the DGTA Token?

DGTA is an ERC-20 utility token launched by Digitra.com to create incentives and bring liquidity to the platform. It can also be classified as an exchange token, similar to other cryptocurrencies created by exchanges to offer exclusive benefits, with BNB being the most well-known in this category.

DGTA is the reward currency of the Trade to Earn program, a new trading model where clients are paid to buy and sell digital assets. Another program fueled by DGTA is Digitra.com’s Referral Program, which distributes 15,000 tokens daily: 12,000 to referrers and 3,000 to referees. Regardless of the number of referrals made that day, the 15,000 DGTAs are distributed, meaning one person can potentially receive the entire amount as a referrer or referee.

With a maximum supply of 300 million tokens, Digitra.com initiated a monthly token burn plan in 2024, starting with 1 million tokens burned each month. The goal is to continue the burn plan until 50% of the total DGTA supply is burned, as outlined in the project’s whitepaper.

How Does DGTA Incentivize Liquidity on Digitra.com?

To create liquidity, cryptocurrency exchanges typically hire paid market makers to create artificial liquidity in order books. Market makers buy and sell assets on the exchange with a certain spread, ensuring the order book reflects reasonable prices aligned with the broader market. This is crucial because the price of a digital asset varies across exchanges, depending on the platform's liquidity. Generally, the price tends to follow the market average if the platform has reasonable liquidity.

Digitra.com has taken a different approach compared to other exchanges. Instead of charging for the liquidity provided by market makers, it rewards each user who trades on the platform with its token, DGTA. This approach is known as the "Uberization of market making." Every trade made on Digitra.com contributes to the platform’s liquidity, benefiting all users.

Therefore, Digitra.com rewards its users for every trade they execute. This combined initiative is known as Trade to Earn. Let’s explore this in more detail!

How Does the Trade to Earn Program Work?

Rewarding clients with DGTA tokens starts as soon as they open an account. The new client incentive offers a certain amount of DGTA tokens to all new clients once they complete account verification, up until the platform reaches 100,000,000 clients. As the total number of clients hits certain milestones, the amount received by new clients decreases. This initiative represents approximately 11% of the maximum DGTA tokens (~33 million tokens) before the burn.

With an open and verified account, a Digitra.com client can continue earning DGTA as a reward for trading on the platform. Every buy and sell order executed on the platform earns DGTA rewards. This is why it’s called Trade to Earn, as users trade and receive tokens in return. Every day, 15,000 DGTA tokens are distributed based on the number of clients and trading volumes, over five years.

How Many DGTAs Will Be Burned? Understanding the Token Burn Policy

Starting in June 2024, 1 million DGTA tokens will be burned every month. This is part of Digitra.com’s announced burn plan until 50% of the total supply is burned. This burn plan includes units repurchased by Digitra.com and units from fees paid by platform clients. In the first four months, 4 million DGTA tokens will be burned, with 1 million burned each month. Learn more about the buyback and burning strategy and what motivates Digitra.com to reduce DGTA’s market supply.


In summary, DGTA’s tokenomics provide several benefits, especially for early Digitra.com clients. Those already securing their DGTAs by opening accounts and trading on the platform are gaining a significant advantage in the market. Additionally, with the burn policy, Digitra.com aims to increase the value of tokens in circulation by creating scarcity.

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