What is the Price of DGTA, Digitra.com's Native Token?

Find out the price of the DGTA token and how to trade it on Digitra.com.
What is the Price of DGTA, Digitra.com's Native Token?

The price of DGTA, like any cryptocurrency, is volatile and varies based on market supply and demand. When it was launched in 2023, DGTA was listed at $1 on Digitra.com, the exchange that created the token.

In June 2024, Digitra.com announced a monthly buyback and burn plan for the token. After conducting the first burn transaction, removing 1 million DGTA units from circulation, the token's price increased by about 800% in a month, rising from 3 cents to 25 cents.

In this text, we will show you how you can buy DGTA and which reward programs are associated with the token.

What is the DGTA Token?

DGTA is an ERC-20 utility token launched by the cryptocurrency exchange Digitra.com to create incentives and provide liquidity to the platform. It is the reward currency for the Trade to Earn program, a new cryptocurrency trading model where clients are paid to buy and sell digital assets.

Another program fueled by DGTA is Digitra.com's Referral Program, which distributes 15,000 tokens daily, with 12,000 going to referrers and 3,000 to referees. Regardless of the number of referrals made that day, the 15,000 DGTAs are distributed, with one person potentially receiving the full amount as a referrer or referee.

With a maximum supply of 300 million tokens, Digitra.com launched a monthly burn plan for DGTA in 2024, starting with 1 million tokens burned each month. The goal is to continue the burn plan until 50% of the total DGTA supply is burned, according to the project's whitepaper.

DGTA Airdrop for New Clients

As a new project, Digitra.com offers a DGTA Airdrop for new clients, an initial bonus. Once a new user opens and verifies their account, they receive free DGTA tokens.

According to the project's whitepaper, as the exchange reaches certain milestones, the number of Airdrop tokens for new clients decreases.

In addition to these benefits, Digitra.com states that DGTA will also provide discounts on future exchange products, such as derivatives, staking, futures markets, and collaterals.

What is the Price of the DGTA Token?

The price of the DGTA token is determined by the market, like other cryptocurrencies. The market operates on the law of supply and demand, making the price of DGTA fluctuating, meaning it can change at any moment.

However, as an exchange token, meaning it is native to a cryptocurrency exchange, it is common for this type of crypto to track the growth of the platform itself.

Other elements that can drive up the value of DGTA include the scarcity of the token in the market. To address this, Digitra.com created its monthly DGTA burn plan, aiming to make the token more scarce.

DGTA Token Burn

Starting in June 2024, 1 million DGTA tokens will be burned every month until 50% of the total supply is burned. This burn plan includes units repurchased by Digitra.com and units from fees paid by platform clients. After the first month of burning, the token soared by about 800%, rising from less than 3 cents to 25 cents.

Learn here how the buyback and burn strategy works, commonly known in the crypto world as "buyback and burning," and what motivates Digitra.com to reduce the supply of DGTA in the market.

Even though certain announcements can create expectations of a price increase for DGTA, this cannot be predicted with certainty. To better understand how the crypto market works in this regard, read this text!

How to Buy the DGTA Token?

You can buy DGTA using the Digitra.com platform. So far, the exchange is the only centralized exchange (CEX) listing the token.

DGTA is also available on Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) in the market.

Digitra.com states that it will soon be available on other centralized and decentralized exchanges.

To trade DGTA on Digitra.com, start by opening and verifying your account if you are not yet a client of the platform. Then, make a deposit in USDT or other cryptos.

  • After completing the deposit, go to Fast Trade - Select DGTA - Set the amount you want to buy - Review all the information and complete the transaction.
  • If you wish to perform advanced trading, use the Trading tab and make trades with Market Value and Limit Value.

Start trading crypto today on Digitra.com. Open your account and earn DGTAs!